Camping at Willow Creek - Willow Creek Adventure Camp
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Camping at Willow Creek

When it comes to school camps in South Australia, our Willow Creek Adventure Camp is the perfect camp location. Its wide-open spaces and range of amenities ensure a variety of outdoor activities onsite. We can accommodate groups and special events, with a combination of dorm rooms, tents, and swags available.


To date, we have two excellent camping locations depending on your needs, the Main Camp area and Solitude Hill, which overlooks much of the property. The difference between the two sites is the Main Camp area offers camping with the comforts of the facilities, while camping at Solitude Hill offers true camping in nature.

Camping in the Main Camp area is the best option for an outdoor camping experience whilst still having the comforts of accessible facilities nearby. The grassed space surrounding the Main Camp building can accommodate large group numbers camping in tents and swags with plenty of choices as to where to set up.

For the full camping in nature adventure, we recommend our Solitude Hill. Located some distance away from the Main Camp area, this site has bush camping, a fire pit, and gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape.


If you’re looking for a Victor Harbour school camp Willow Creek is an excellent choice. We offer many different outdoor activities onsite plus access to nearby locations such as Deep Creek Conservation Park and other activities such as surfing and abseiling. Make the experience yours, too!