5 Great ideas for Youth Group Camps
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5 Great ideas for Youth Group Camps

Youth group camps are an amazing experience where participants get to have loads of fun whilst learning new skills, making connections, and growing as a group.

Our Willow Creek Adventure Camp offers a range of engaging activities onsite and nearby. These are not only memorable and great ideas for Youth group camps but these events would also make great winter activities for kids and teens as well.

Surf Lessons To start off, one sport that fosters trust and thinking like a lifelong learner is surfing. Surf lessons teach young people how to stay safe in the sea, learn skills like paddling and handling a surfboard, and ocean knowledge. Ultimately, surfing lessons are about living the moment in a setting that cannot be perfectly controlled. Eventually, kids and teens stand to benefit from learning to adapt and adjust to different waves and other elements and respect the power of nature.

Surfing lessons can indeed be a team-bonding activity, where every participant learns about one’s own strengths and abilities. Moreover, everyone sees the importance of perseverance and determination and celebrating each other’s wins in a fun and enjoyable setting.

Beach Olympics A beach is an invigorating place for fun challenging activities that engage the mind and body, and so much more if participants are young people. Beach Olympics are highly recommended for all age groups, and this is a perfect camp icebreaker on the first day.

Some great Olympics activities include relays, lifesaving flags, beach volleyball, and more. Other options include problem-solving style challenges.

Mountain Biking Many young people love the adrenaline rush from mountain biking, and in doing so, they attained a level of fitness just by having fun. Mountain biking is really engaging and can be fun if you train and prepare well, and also wear protective equipment properly.


At Willow Creek, we have devoted some of our space to a bike trail which is actually 5 kilometers in total length!

Raft Building The camp operates a great team-building idea with a rather straightforward concept: plan your raft, build/ create it, test it on the water of a nearby dam, and return it to the riverbank. Typical parts of the raft would be some barrels, ropes, and wood. Groups would definitely need supervision throughout the process, but students will definitely test it out on the water, have a paddle, and play some games.


Raft building is a particularly unforgettable tool for encouraging teamwork, trust, and communication between teammates. Students will have the best memories over time of the time spent building all by themselves something of value and purpose.

Billy Carts This team-building idea also teaches kids important ideas on construction and physics! The billy cart build and race activity will have various groups working on materials using basic tools, and racing against the clock to produce a fully-functional billy cart. A quick downhill race is an ultimate test to check which group has made the fastest cart.

This Willow Creek version of cart building encourages the teammates to communicate well and work together. Examples of learning outcomes for kids and students are that they learn more about the effect of friction and gravity, and the importance of good design for basic machines. With enough confidence and trust in each other, they also will be able to identify strategies to fulfill requirements for tasks.

Youth group camps’ activities and games are really fun and practical ways to get kids to be open to teamwork and discovering their strengths together.