Where to see the whales at Victor Harbor - Willow Creek Adventure Camp
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Basham's Beach

Where to see the whales at Victor Harbor

Whale watching is one sightseeing activity that has a special way of making you feel part of a bigger world. Due to the rich marine life of the area, the Fleurieu Peninsula remains a top destination for whales. This makes the Fleurieu area a unique place for school camps SA that want to emphasise environmental conservation.

This article will give the best vantage points to observe the whales socialising, caring for calves, and, hopefully, some dramatic breaching!

But first, take note that the season for whale watching for Southern Right depends on their migration, which is from the late part of May up to October. And since it is just an hour’s drive from Adelaide, many whale spotters converge in the Fleurieu, too.

1) Bashams Beach, Middleton; Petrel Cove, Encounter Bay

When it comes to excellent lookout points for whale watching, these two are well-known spots. Bashams Beach is popular as it has a great viewing platform with binoculars. What makes it significant is whales consider it a whale nursery, which involves caring for calves. This also happens to be a great area for group bike rides as there is a nearby toilet and the Encounter Bikeway passes here. The Petrel Cove is also part of the Encounter Bikeway. As it is part of the Victor Harbor Heritage Trail, it is a popular lookout spot too.

2) Hayward Court McCracken

One crowd favourite for whale watching is the Hayward Court. Overlooking the Bay in Victor, this vantage point is known for having some spots where whales can come in very close. Groups with kids might also enjoy watching The SteamRanger which also happens to pass by here, particularly between the beach and the grassy area.

3) Freemans Lookout Port Elliot

This spot is also another top favourite, considering that there are frequent sightings and the lookout point has a telescope and seats.

4) The Bluff, Encounter Bay

The Bluff is a top choice for groups and families. A walk to the top might not just grant visitors a panoramic view of the bay, but hopefully a view of the migrating whales too.

5) Nakurami Kondoli (whale lookout) Encounter Bay

This lookout is near the Kings Beach Road in Encounter Bay. Some good amenities are a new platform with a walking trail. A part of the platform is also a portion of the Heysen trail, which leads to the beautiful cliff views of Kings Head.

To wrap up, dress in warm clothes before you head out, fix yourself a travel mug with some hot drink, and don’t forget your camera. Add whale watching to your next adventure camp!